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Latest revision: 22.03.2024


RENA ATELIER ApS, Company Registration No. 39079690 

Legal adress: Skotterupgade 14, kl, 2200 Copenhagen

If you wish to contact us, please send us an email to  



We accept payments via Stripe (Visa and Mastercard), Worldline (Bambora), and Klarna.

We accept the following currencies: Danish Krone DKK

1.   For furnitures the payment will be deducted from your account at the time of order placement or shortly after. Once the payment has been received, the production of the goods will begin.

2.   For all other products, the payment will be deducted from your account at the time of parcel dispatch.



We have a production time of 7-9 weeks on all furnitures as they are made to order.  



1. For furnitures, the standard delivery is to the curbside. It is the customer’s responsibility to thoroughly inspect the delivery upon receipt to ensure that the package is undamaged. This includes checking for visible damage to packaging, such as toppled pallets, marks, dents, or water damage. Such damage must always be noted on the delivery document together with the customers signature. 

 In case of damage to the package, choosing to receive goods with visible damage, or delivery later than agreed, the following must be noted on the delivery documents:  


  • That the goods were received later than agreed, state the time
  • Any visible damage, describe the damage
  • The vehicle’s registration number


The delivery driver must sign the delivery documents with a legible name as documentation. In case of visible damage, document this with photos clearly showing the damage before unloading the package of the delivery vehicle. The buyer must note on the delivery note that the shipment was received with reservation.  


2. For all other items standard delivery time is 1-3 weekdays.



1.   For all furnitures and bespoke items, there is no right of return according to Danish legislation. 

2.    For all other products, we offer standard return policy. You can return your product within 14 days of receiving it as long as it is unused and fully intact. (The time begins from when it has arrived to your home address or the package shop). All you need to do is to send us an email to within the deadline and tell us that you wish to return your order. Please note that you as a customer will need to cover the shipping fee to return us the items.


A 24-month warranty is provided according to Danish legislation. The warranty does not cover damages resulting from incorrect use, lack of maintenance, or normal wear and tear. For natural products, the warranty does not cover the following situations:  

  • Damage caused by sharp objects
  • Damage caused by liquids not removed immediately
  • Damage resulting from direct sunlight or heat
  • Damage resulting from improper cleaning or use of unsuitable cleaning agents. Read our care guide here.
  • Damage caused by incorrect lifting, moving, impact, or contact with heavy objects
  • Natural variations in natural material patterns and colors. In addition, the warranty does not cover the following specific exceptions for natural products: 


– Dimensional tolerances: Minor deviations in dimensions and thickness for products in natural material may occur, which are within the general tolerance margin for such products. General dimensional tolerances may vary depending on the type of material and production process, but typically fall within an acceptable margin of a 10 millimetres for furniture and 30 millimetres for our Mother of Pearl collection. 


– Natural material characteristics: Samples are considered to be representative, and deviations in color, structure and thickness may occur, which do not justify a warranty claim. For natural stones certain stone types, especially marble, may have natural occurrences such as sand holes, crack lines, and “glass veins” that do not weaken the stone and do not justify a warranty claim. Fillings in the stones may occur but do not justify a warranty claim if they are done correctly. 


To make use of the warranty, please contact us at 



RENA ATELIER ApS cannot be held liable for more than the maximum value of the products the customer has purchased. RENA ATELIER ApS does not cover operating losses or other losses that the customer may incur as a result of defects or deficiencies in the delivered products.